Tips for Successful Online Learning

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Course Overview

English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced (1hr 10 mins)

About the Course

This course will address the objective of online learning as well as strategies and techniques for making your online learning more engaging.

Course Objectives

  • What iTo define distance learning
  • To discuss the difference of traditional learning and distance learning
  • To give tips and techniques on how to effectively learn online

Course Outline

  • What is Distance Learning?
  • Categories of Distance Learning
  • Benefits of Distance Learning
  • Tips and Tricks to effectively learn online

Target Participants

Anyone who is interested in learning ways for efficiently learning online.

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8 Reviews on “Tips for Successful Online Learning

  1. Thank you for this very informative webinar. Ive learned a lot and this is a big help for me, especially now that I am learning through online.

  2. Thank you for this kind of information that I’ve learned today. This kind of think really helps me a lot to my academic activities that I’ll be doing in the future.

  3. This is a timely course to take since I’m already ongoing with my e-learning courses. I will take note of the tips for me to learn and absorb the lectures and topics online effectively. Thank you so much Ask Lex PH Academy for always helping students and learners to be #significantlybetter.

  4. This course is very helpful specially in this type of learning set-up. I’m very thankful to see this course. I will surely apply everything I’ve learned to be #significantlybetter! Thank you so much Ask Lex PH Academy <3