Project Management Fundamentals Certification (PMFC)

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Felix Veroya

Be #significantlybetter Project Management Professional with our Effective Project Management Masterclass and become Project Management Fundamentals Certified!

Date Published
May 15, 2023
Course Updated
July 19, 2024
Leadership & Management

About the Program

This online course is designed to help you adopt a strategic mindset and grow confidence in making project decisions in an increasingly volatile and uncertain world. It covers addressing uncertainty and ambiguity when defining and planning projects, assessing and managing risks, and fixing project problems. We’ll apply a proven systematic approach to the project management process to facilitate effective and efficient achievement of business objectives.

We will discuss tips, techniques, and strategies to assist this process, including the establishment of a project plan, a risk management strategy, and a stakeholder management strategy for a project.

Program Objectives

By the end of this online training course, you will be able to:

✅ Apply the project management approaches to structure and solve business problems

✅ Develop achievable and realistic objectives for projects; understand and manage project priorities and trade-offs strategically

✅ Effectively utilize key project management concepts in stakeholder communications

✅ Apply the key PM tools e.g. scope, work breakdown structure, Gantt chart, project budget, resource histogram, linear responsibility chart, project controls in changing environment

✅ Identify and analyze project risk

✅ Apply effective strategies to address typical project issues

✅ Develop effective strategies to measure and maximize project benefits

Target Participants

This online training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

✅ Professionals who make or support project decisions and would like to be able to develop and justify effective solutions

✅ Project management professionals and supporting personnel

✅ Internal auditors and management accountants

Certificate Requirements

✅ Complete the self paced e - learning course + exercises + quizzes

✅ Accomplish the Smart Case Study

✅ Pass the 20 item multiple choice, knowledge check

Program Outline

Amongst a wide range of valuable topics, the following will be prioritized:

✅ Fundamentals of project management and decision analysis

✅ Project initiation and definition; determining project objectives and scope, priorities, and constraints under uncertainty

✅ Problem-solving and decision making during project planning, estimating, and scheduling

✅ Using analytical tools to help make effective decisions under certainty, risk, and uncertainty;

✅ Contemporary concepts in project risk management

✅ Project monitoring and control; Earned Value Analysis

✅ Project leadership

✅ Decision making to address project creeps and time delays

✅ Project Evaluation and Benefit Realization

Learning Investment

Your learning investment includes access to our self paced e -learning course, e-certificate, and lifetime access to our e-learning system with FREE resources on Continuous Improvement, Innovation and Analytics.

Regular Rate: P3,990

Discounted Introductory Rate: P1,990

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75 Ratings
Aira Marie
6 months

I've learned so much in this program!

6 months

This will be a great help in establish my future projects! This is full of knowledge, strategy and advice.

5 months

I recently had the opportunity to attend the "Project Management Fundamentals Certification (PMFC)" session, which was both instructive and inspirational. The talks were well-organized, instructive, and supported by relevant data, making complicated subjects understandable to audiences of varying levels of knowledge. Furthermore, the interactive sessions and panel discussions encouraged meaningful discourse and knowledge sharing among attendees.

Amanda Christina
4 months

good coverage

Amiel Janssen
4 months


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