The ALPHA of Data Science

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Course Overview

English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced (1 hr 13 mins)

About the Course

Data Scientist is one of the highest-paid jobs these days. For their work, data scientists have carved out a unique and distinct field. Data science, also described as data-driven science, is an interesting field that uses a scientific methodology, processes, algorithms, and systems to discover insights or insight from a variety of sources, both structured and unstructured, in a similar way to data mining. This course will teach you how to define data science and why you may become a data scientist.

Course Objective

  • To discuss why data science is winning the game
  • To absorb the discussion of Alpha

Course Outline

  • Definition of Data Science
  • Domains of Data Science
  • Applications of Data Science

Target Participants

Aspiring professionals with any educational experience, as well as students interested in pursuing a career in data science.

Certificate Requirements

  • Completion of recorded webinar + quiz
  • Pass the 10 item multiple choice with 80% mark
  • Comment your feedback to the main page of the course


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68 Reviews on “The ALPHA of Data Science

  1. It is very informative especially for those who will pursue Data Science. The discussion is very brief but yet full of information and I’ll definitely share this to my friends. Thank You Ask Lex PH Academy!

  2. It is an eye opening and offers a lot of possibilities for a person like me, who is still studying. It is like unboxing the truth behind a misconception of the idea about Data Science. Thank You for sharing!

  3. The Video itself has a lot of Learnings. And i have learn to that Data science is very important in manufacturing, especially that i am working in a manufacturing company Thankyou Ask Lex you are the best 🙂

  4. The video is very informative. This video inspires me more to pursue a career in data science. Thank you Ask Lex Ph Academy for this opportunity!Continue to inspire more learners like me.

  5. I’ve learned a lot about data science that I may use in my future career. Data Science gives significant information based on large amounts of complex data. And also, data science consolidates various fields of work in statistics and computation to interpret data for decision-making purposes.

  6. My experience in studying the course was great! Sir Jojo made the lesson very relatable to the listeners and viewers. He answered the questions that can be easily understood.

    I’ve learned a lot. It was relatable to be since I’m an IE graduate. Also, some terminologies that I can’t understand was discussed by Sir Jojo like Data Mining . I’ve learned that Data Science is very versatile and general. It can be anywhere!(Like IE) Aside from that, if you can master the DS, it can really help you in decision making and insights. Some of what I’ve learned is the difference between some terminologies like Data Engineer, Data Analyst and Data Collector. It is very different from Data Science because DS is more on the analysis part. It can provide a lt of job opportunities too.

  7. It is very informative and versatile as in it can be practiced by anyone no matter their profession using any kind of tools and techniques. Just from that alone we can already tell the impact in can give in any scenario wherein any kind of data is involved in any kind of decision making.

  8. Thank you for this! I really learned a lot about data science especially that the data will really help me in my chosen career to make a decision.

  9. Thanks sir Jojo for a very well introduction of data science. It is convincing to pursue data science as its demand in the near future increases. I’ve learned many things about data science and now I’m planning to add it on my list to becoming a good IE.

  10. The webinar is very informative, great discussion! Looking forward for more webinars like this. I learned a lot about data science and I can apply it in making decisions.

  11. I;ve learned a lot about Data Science and other important things. I’ve also learned the significance of Data Science on this world. It is a great tool for better decision making for any kind of fields or industry. This is going to be helpful for me for my future career. Thank you.

  12. Thank you Ask Lex PH Academy for this informative course on Data Science. Now, I know its basics, importance and applications in the real world. Well-discussed.

  13. I learned about the fundamentals. I am currently taking some online courses about Supply Chain and I think pursuing data science is also great in this field. Thank you ALPHA and Sir Jojo! Nagstart na rin ako mag download ng R Studio 🙂

  14. Very informative discussion, as an Engineer in a manufacturing setup gathering data and extracting data is our very foundation to improve our process, thanks Ask Lex Ph Academy.

  15. From this discussion, I learned about the basics and overview of Data Science and its significance in the professional world. With this, I became more intrigued to learn more about Data Science, and if possible, become a Data Scientist in the near future.

  16. Very insightful introductory course for Data Science. It clearly explains the overlaps/correlation between the fundamentals of DS : Stat, coding and expertise. Highly recommended for starters. Looking forward to more educational webinars from you. Thanks!

  17. It was a indeed a wonderful experience! I gained a lot of knowledge about data science. Thank you for this free webinar, it was worth it!

  18. It is very informative especially for those who values Data Science and may pursue it. The discussion is full of information and I’ll definitely use this when needed and also share it to others. Thank You Ask Lex PH Academy!

  19. Thankyou Ask Lex Ph Academy, I’ve learned so much in this lesson about data science, i hope i can use this information someday in my future!

  20. We appreciate sharing what fresh graduates needs to do now in order to pursue data analytics. I learned a lot as well in terms of data importance of data in different fields of work.

  21. A very vivid and thorough explanation of what Data Science (DS) is. It gives me insight of the elements of DS thus it aids me to have a better understanding in my current course (Statistical Concepts, Theories and Analysis for Industrial Engineering 2) which I am taking as of now. Special thanks to ASK LEX PH ACADEMY to assemble a program such as this and especially to the excellent speaker of the program Engr. Joshua IL. Palisoc.

  22. A good video for the introduction and explanation of overview about DS.
    It also give insights on how to start my career in Data Science.

    More power!

  23. Thanks ASK LEX PH ACADEMY!Especially Engr.Jojo Palisoc for sharing to us free information about Data Science and its importance!More knowledge and wisdom!Godbless!

  24. Thank you so much, as always! Great discussion about Data Science, I have learned the importance of it and how I can have a career in it. I think I’ll consider this in establishing my career path.

    Very inspiring and informative!

  25. The whole session was very informative and interesting. I like how Engr. Jojo discussed data science in very simple and easy to understand. Through this session, I’ve learned a lot about how data science works and how significant it is to every industry/field.

  26. I’ve learned a lot from this webinar. I realized the importance of data analytics in different fields and the opportunities it gives us.

  27. Recently I was really interested about Data analytics, so I lloked it u and theres a difference between data analytics and data science. I am trying to expand my knowledge about the two, and this webinar is helpful. Very informative, great speaker. Thank you

  28. Thankyou Ask Lex Ph Academy for this opportunity. I find this topic very interesting and knowledgeable. Engr. Joshua inspired me on why we need to pursue a career in data science because according to the data that is shown in his presentation. It has a lot of opportunities that we can grab and it is one of the highest paying jobs. It can possibly helps me when i pursue a career in manufacturing as an Industrial Engineer.

  29. Thank you for this informative session. I’ve learned a lot about data science. It surprised me that data science came from Operations Research. The optimization and all. Thanks for this. I’m looking forward to take it soon.

  30. A great starter course in order to gain insights and background regarding Data Science. I just finish an Intermediate Data Analytics course and would really want to take the Certified Data Analyst offered by AskLexPH.

  31. Thank you for this very informative and wonderful course Ask Lex PH Academy! We also want to express our deep gratitude to Engr. Joshua for giving us insight about data science! You have opened a door of opportunity for us and give us motivation in pursuing a great career which is badly needed by the world right now. You also have widened our scope of view into our future.

    Thank You and God Bless! 😀

  32. Because of this, I am considering to take the path of data science to enhance my decision making and build better trajectories for my organization.

  33. Very informative introductory course! Learned about the basic concepts, applications, tools/software, and opportunities for data scientists. Thank you!