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Course Overview

English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced (1 hr 5 mins)

About the Course

Lean product development is a method of product development that focuses on minimizing waste, improving profit, and enhancing customer value. In this course you will be able to accept the concepts of lean product development, which will result in an efficient and effective production process, as well as innovations and customer satisfaction.

Course Objective

  • To learn the difference between lean concepts and product development concepts.
  • To understand lean product development.
  • To learn the concepts of building the right product possible, which involves agile product development.

Course Outline

  • What is Lean?
  • What is Product Development?
  • What is Lean Product Development
  • How to build the right product?

Target Participants

All interested individuals who want to learn more about lean product development. 

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Anne Jonai Pascual

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46 Reviews on “Lean Product Development

  1. Lean product development can help product more quality and have a customer satisfaction. Company really need this kind of method in order to perform a good process inside the workplace and also in doing the product specifications so that it will be easily to generate this kind of product development.

  2. It shows that the success awaits to those who learned to adapt.
    Visual that are used are simple and easy to understand .
    Thank you for this webinar.

  3. Very Informative Presentation, Gave me a lot of new insights on how to apply agile, user-centered, and lean principles in product development.

    Thank you ASKLEX for having this on your arsenal of free courses, this is truly helpful.

  4. I’ve learn a lot about developing products with the use of step by step procedure in reducing waste, speeding up delivery, and increasing profit and customer value.

  5. The visuals and the speaker gives us plenty of knowledge regarding product development. It shows how important adaptability and innovation not just for the company but also for every product they offer. Thank you for the course, Ask Lex PH!

  6. I learned that when developing a product, you must prioritize the customers because it is designed for them. Product development is more than just creating a new product; it is also about creating a product that is useful to customers. You must understand your customers in order to develop a product in the future, and the most important factor to remember is to satisfy the needs of your customers.

  7. I’ve learned a lot of things about Lean Product Development from the traditional up to how it develops. And I am sure that those things will help my skills develop more and become advanced with this course with me. Thank you for a lot of information that you shared with us, Ask Lex PH. God bless us all!

  8. Thank you very much for the information that you shared. I’ve learned a lot about how important Lean Product Development and its step-by-step process especially when you are building a product. The result will be more efficient and effective and always give customer satisfaction. God Bless

  9. Thank you for a lot information that you shared to us, Asklex PH. I’ve learned a lot of things about Lean Product Development that I can apply it to myself and to my passion. Thankyouu!!

  10. I learned that in developing a product/ service it is not about what the creator, developer wants. It is the customers opinions, needs and wants. In order for the customers to avail your output, the organization must first identify the clients insights and opinions. We should learn from the customers, try to interact with them, find proper approach to the customers to identify how was their exerience while using the output. From that review, try to develop the product, add more qualities that the customers are looking for or get rid of some that are not useful. Engage more with the team and the cutomers.

  11. My key takeaway here is that we must always engage and involve our users and customers in developing our product. The voice of the customer, requirements and specifications will dictate how and what process should we undergo in developing our product and for it to become valuable and successful to the customer.

  12. This course taught me a lot about Lean Product Development. One main point is that when developing or creating a product, there are lots of factors to consider. One of the most important is the customers. One must consider the customer satisfaction and whether the product will be beneficial or not.

  13. Thank you Engr. Anne for sharing your knowledge about lean product development, will definitely help me in the future for sharing the tips, definition, etc to other people.

  14. Thank you for this free webinar I have learned a lot of things about lean product development. The concepts and the importance of this lesson to help reduce waste and increase profit while satisfying the customers need.

  15. The speaker gave insightful learnings about lean product development. Improving product/ process does not only mean innovation. It also focuses in solving the problem of the process and getting a good development with it.

  16. Very informative. It gave me a lot of knowledge about Lean Product Development and the important factors/things in building the product right and the right product.
    Thank you for the webinar.

  17. I really learned a lot. Thank you for making this webinar available for free! I was able to gain valuable insights regarding product development. Through this webinar, I realized that product development is not merely creating new products that will provide what your customers need. In order for a company or organization to continue thriving they should be able to adapt in this rapidly evolving world. This webinar made me realized that many well-known and established companies before failed and somehow lost the race like Kodak and Nokia because they weren’t able to adapt with the drastic change.

  18. After this lean product development webinar, I learned that in business, if you want to succeed, there are many methods an efficient and effective IE can implement and being flexible to changes would have a huge impact on it.

  19. Thank you Ms. Jonai Pascual and Ask Lex PH for this informative webinar. The most common mistakes in starting a business is not including the customers in developing the product or service. I have learned so much in Lean Product Development. Thank you!

  20. This was a very interesting topic that all IEs should learn. Its about acquiring the knowledge on developing a product with an application of lean management to reach an objective of satisfying your customers.

  21. Thank you Ms. Jonai and ASK LEX PH ACADEMY for this very informative webinar. I learned so much about lean product development. Thank you!!

  22. I have learned a lot in this course. Throughout the session i have learned that Lean product development allows companies to build products faster with less waste. Also it improves communication across departments and eliminates communication silos completely, which leads to the production of better products so the Lean Product Development plays a big role in every firm.

  23. Definitely learned a lot from this course. More than anything else, it is highly important to satisfy the customers. Satisfied customers also means a successful business. Thank you Engr. Pascual and Ask Lex PH!

  24. This was a very interesting topic that all IE students like me should learn. Its about acquiring the knowledge on developing a product with an application of lean management to reach an objective of satisfying your customers. Two thumbs up for this course. Thankyou

  25. The course provided a very informative and insightful discussion about the advantages of having a Lean Product Development instead of the traditional. Also, it emphasized the importance of user involvement during the development process. Thank you for the learnings, ALPHA!

  26. Project management is the use of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve specified project goals within agreed parameters. Project management has ultimate outputs that are schedule and budget-bound. Thank you sir for the presentation, we indeed gain more advanced knowledge.

  27. Thank you for explaining the product development and thank you ms for the clear explanation. My key take aways is that it’s important to costumers to satisfy their needs and wants all the time.