Foundation of Risk Management: A Primer

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Course Overview

English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced (1 hr 12 mins)

About the Course

Risk assessment methodologies must be known in order to conduct a thorough risk assessment. If you are in charge of risk assessment in your department, you must be able to identify the key sources of hazards and how to grade them using a likelihood and severity grading system.

This course will discuss basic frameworks of risk management that is known to be applicable and adaptable and customizable to an organization. This will also encourage participants to innovate and develop their own customizable frameworks.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the basic concept and common techniques of risk management
  • Understand customizable way in managing organization risks
  • To carry out complete risk assessment before doing any task
  • To identify risk control / techniques

Course Outline

  • What is Risk and Risk Management?
  • Common Risk Management Tools or Risk Assessment Techniques
  • Risk Management Framework and Process

Target Participants

Intended for people who are new to risk management, and wants to learn about health and safety.

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21 Reviews on “Foundation of Risk Management: A Primer

  1. Risk management is the process of discovering, evaluating, and managing hazards to an organization’s capital and revenues. These dangers come in a variety of forms, including financial uncertainty, legal liability, technology challenges, strategic management failures, accidents, and natural calamities. Thank you for this free webinar!!!

  2. Management of risk involves the identification and evaluation of potential threats to a company’s capital and earnings. Many factors contribute to these risks, such as financial uncertainty, legal responsibilities, technological challenges, and strategic management failures. Thank you for this great presentation, it will help more than you could possibly think !!!

  3. Indeed, risk reduction is critical to avoid risks becoming crises that disrupt business operations and have a detrimental impact on the management. Thank you for this, My Yaptangco and Ask Lex PH!

  4. Thank you for the information shared by the speaker and for this free webinar organized by ask lex ph. I’ve learned a lot about the framework, process and assessment tools used for risk management. The importance and the definition of each tools to identify the vulnerabilities and threats in the company and how will a person manage that hazard.

  5. Thank you AskLex for this Webinar. With this webinar, I have gained new knowledge about Risk Management that I will be able to apply in my dream job as a Safety Officer. The different techniques mentioned in the webinar are very useful in identifying risks and preventing work hazards. Thank you again!

  6. As an Industrial Engineer, the knowledge I gained in training was important. Every information on Foundation of Risk Management is well illustrated and understood. Thank you very much, po. Thank you, Ask Lex, for the free certification. God Bless Ask Lex Academy!!!

  7. I was around 10 minutes in with this webinar in your Youtube channel when I was notified that this is already available here in A really good topic. It’s a great refresher but I also learned more tools to use with regards to risk management. I can use all of this in the future, especially now, I am scheduled for an interview. hahaha great timing. Thank you so much!