Experimentation for Process Improvement Certification (EPIC)

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Felix Veroya

Date Published
February 14, 2024
Course Updated
April 16, 2024
Continuous Improvement

Be a #significantlybetter Problem Solver and/or Process Improvement Professional equipped with our Experimentation for Process Improvement Certification (EPIC)!

In this tool master certification program, participants will be equipped with the fundamental and essential concepts and theories of Design of Experiments and apply these via a simulated project and other learning elements.

At the end of the workshop session, participants should be able to:

✅ Interpret and apply basic statistical tools related to DOE using Minitab

✅ Understand the essentials of DOE methodology

✅ Plan, implement and analyze fundamental and practical industrial experiments

Program Outline

I. Introduction to DOE

a. The applications and benefits of DOE

b. One factor-at-a-time approach

c. Comparison of traditional and systematic methods of experimentation

II. Planning for Effective Experiment

a. Basic principles and DOE procedure

b. Guidelines for Selecting Factors of the experiment

c. Replication, Randomization, and Blocking

III. Experimental Analysis

a. Screening Design and DOE Modeling using Minitab

c. Numerical and Graphical analysis interpretation

IV. Fractional Factorial Design (2 levels)

a. Basic concepts and application of fractional factorial design

b. Confounding patterns and design resolution

c. Fractional Factorial Experiment using Minitab

V. Full Factorial Experiment

a. Basic concepts and applications of full factorial experiment

b. Orthogonal Design

c. Main Effect and Interaction Plots analysis

d. Full Factorial Experiment using Minitab

VI. DOE Success Factors

a. A Strategy for Choosing the Appropriate Design

b. Practical Considerations During DOE

Certification Requirements

✅ Completion of e-learning

✅ Passing the 50 item multiple choice proficiency examination

✅ Submission of completed DOE workbook

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Arvin Jay
3 months

For professionals looking to improve organizational effectiveness and promote a continuous improvement culture, this certification is quite beneficial. With experimentation, process improvement can be pushed forward with the help of EPIC Training's strong framework. Strongly advised due to its practical methodology and broad relevance to various sectors.

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