Digital Marketing for Beginners

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Kesselle Macapagal

English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced (1 hr 4 mins)

Date Published
June 01, 2023
Course Updated
March 22, 2024
Leadership & Management

About the Course

Digital Marketing is an act of marketing done online through different channels such as social media, emails, and mobile apps. It is the use of various types of electronic media to promote products, brands, and companies. Digital Marketing is a powerful type of marketing because you can reach the customers anywhere and anytime.

Even smaller businesses need digital marketing because in that way they can analyze the data, and with that data they can reach valuable customers and will have a way to engage with potential buyers and build relationships with the right audience. 

This course will help you gain knowledge about Digital Marketing and what is the reason to learn Digital Marketing. You’ll hear about different types of Digital Marketing. In this session, you will know about content creation and tools we need for creating content. 

Course Objective

  • To learn about Digital Marketing and its parts and types.
  • Reason to learn Digital Marketing
  • To know the Data-Driven Content Creation and tools that can be used for creating content
  • Application of different types of Digital Marketing

Course Outline

  • Intro to Digital Marketing


Myths and Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

Parts of Digital Marketing

Reason to choose Digital Marketing

  • Data-Driven Content Creation

Case Studies

Content Creation Checklist

Tools to help you in creating content

  • Creating a digital campaign based on what you’ve learned

Paid ads

Target Participants

All interested individuals who want to learn more about Digital Marketing and people who are interested in content creation.

Certificate Requirements

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