Analytics 101 for Businesses

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English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced (45 mins)

Date Published
June 01, 2023
Course Updated
January 31, 2024

About the Course

Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data and drawing conclusions from it. This course will provide you with all of the information, tips, and resources you'll need to use data analytics to expand your business.

Course Objective

To walk through about analytics and how this is being used for businesses or entrepreneurial journeys you have.

Course Outline

  • What is Data Analytics?
  • What are the benefits of applying Data Analytics?
  • What is the Information Value Chain?
  • What are the types of Analytics?
  • How Analytics can help businesses?

Target Participants

For individuals that want to begin a career as a business analyst. For those business owners or entrepreneurs that desire to become more data-driven in their businesses.

Certificate Requirements

  • Completion of recorded webinar + quiz
  • Pass the 10 item multiple choice with 100% mark
  • Comment your feedback to the main page of the course

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Alen Cristoff
about 1 month


about 1 month

Analytics 101 for Businesses" offers a concise and accessible introduction to key data analytics principles, providing a practical foundation for informed decision-making. With clear language and real-world examples, it serves as a valuable primer for businesses seeking to leverage analytics for strategic insights.

28 days

the presentation is very clear and knowledgeable, very informative and very well explained

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