THE DEEP TRUTH: Introduction to Deep Learning and AI

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English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced (1 hr 28 mins)

Date Published
August 12, 2023
Course Updated
August 12, 2023

About the Course

This course will teach you about deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), how to understand its concepts and terms. You'll hear about a variety of topics and concerns surrounding AI, including ethics and bias, as well as careers. It was intended to teach anyone, regardless of technical knowledge, the foundations of deep learning and AI.

Course Objective

  • To learn about fundamental concepts in Deep Learning
  • How basic DL algorithm works and use cases and sample projects

Course Outline

  • Introduction

Overview on AL, common applications and basic terms

  • DL Models

Unsupervised, supervised, and semi-supervised learning models

  • Neural Networks

How deep learning is similar to the human brain perceives things

  • Deep Layers

Input, hidden and output layers

  • Optimization

Learning rate and data augmentation techniques

  • Use Cases

Past and current deep learning projects

Target Participants

All interested individuals who want to learn more about deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Certificate Requirements

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