Strengthen Your Mental Wellness

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English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced (1 hr 14 mins)

About the Course

Mental wellness is defined by the World Health Organization as “a condition of well-being in which an individual recognizes his or her own abilities, can manage with typical life challenges, can work creatively and fruitfully, and can contribute to his or her community.

This course will teach you how to cope with the stress caused by pandemics, work, and other factors. Its goal is to provide a few tips on how to improve your mental health.

Course Objective

  • Understanding mental stress and how we effectively manage it.
  • Learn practical and proven scientific strategies that we can apply immediately to strengthen our mental wellness.
  • Adapting the PERMA model

Course Outline

  • What is mental wellness
  • Types of stress
  • Some clear behavior signs we are being hook by stress
  • How can we unhook?
  • Negativity bias
  • PERMA Model

Target Participants

Anyone who wants to strengthen their mental wellness.

Certificate Requirements

  • Completion of recorded webinar + quiz
  • Pass the 10 item multiple choice with 100% mark
  • Comment your feedback to the main page of the course