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Victor Eleazar Martinez

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32 Reviews on “Project Management 101

  1. This course is very informative and with this course i learned well with what really Project Management is and how it is very useful because it ensures what is being delivered and what is right for a project.

  2. I learned a lot in the Project Management 101. I learned about the project where it has a beginning, middle and an end. It should be new or unique unlike in the mass production. It must also have progressive elaboration. Not just one department should act. I also learned about stakeholders. There is the project sponsor who provides guidance and budget. There is the project team such as the maintenance team, security team, audit team, etc. There is the customer where it can be the employee and consumers. We also have our external partner which is the vendors.
    Engr. Elazar Martinez also tackles about the core skills and competencies. We have the strategic and business management where we use competitive advantage. Second, the technical project management. You have the knowledge about the project. What you need to do or you need to focus to complete your project. Lastly, we have the leadership because you must influence or lead others. 5 stars because the speaker is great as well as the host.

    1. Thanks for taking this course and for summarizing what you learned from the course. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks to Sir Eli and Ask Lex PH for this course. I actually learned a lot for the fundamentals of Project Management. Thank you for giving insights and relatable instances. It’s very helpful for professionals who wanted to pursue a project management-related career path.

    1. Thank you for taking this course. Hope you also become a project management professional!

  4. Sie Eli was able to give and share his knowledge in a way that the viewers or listeners will get his point right away. Thank you so much for this kind of informative webinars and opportunities.

  5. Thank you for the opportunity to learn what project management is all about, a lot of knowledge has been added from the technicalities and insights regarding project management.

  6. First, I want to thank Engr. Eli for the effort of teaching us a 35-hour course in just an hour. You deserve all the appreciation and recognition sir!

    Next, I want to express my deep gratitude to Ask Lex PH Academy for connecting us and giving us the opportunity to learn.

    I have learned a lot in this course. The fundamental information that I have learned about project management will be a part of the foundation of my skills and future.

    Again, thank you Ask Lex Ph Academy and Eng. Eli!
    God bless you all and stay safe! πŸ˜€

  7. I want to express my gratitude to Sir Eli, sharing this informative knowledge with us. As a fresh graduate, I’ll keep in mind the number 1 tip: “Be a sponge” This will be a big help starting my IE journey. Sir Eli inspires me to become like him. Thank you again, Sir Eli.

  8. Hi Engr Eli. Thanks for a very clear and enlightening content. The course is very informative, discussion points were based on facts and professional experiences of the speaker. The way he explain things is very educational. Makes me want to explore project management in the future. Thanks Engr Eli and Sir Jow, Kudos to Team Ask Lex Ph!

  9. Thank you so much, Engr. Eli and ASK LEX PH ACADEMY! In a time span of less than an hour, Engr. Eli clearly discussed what PROJECT MANAGEMENT really is and basically what are core skills and competencies that a project manager should encompass and develop in handling a project.

    I was influenced and inspired by Engr. Eli on taking project management since it gives me a glimpse of why project management and taught me the basics about project management.