Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

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Felix Veroya

Be #significantlybetter with our Internationally Accredited and Recognized Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop and Certification Self Paced, Fully Online Program.

Date Published
September 19, 2023
Course Updated
March 22, 2024
Continuous Improvement

The same content and quality of our traditional program minus the hassle scheduled deadlines and classes. Complete the program at your own comfortable pace!


A Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (CLSSGB) successfully applies process improvement to businesses and organizations across all industries. CLSSGBs are experts in identifying problems, analyzing data, and creating solutions to lower costs while improving quality and productivity.

Program Rationale

The role of a Green Belt is highly focused on problem solving, process analysis and project management applied to his line of work. He has good grasp of both statistical and essential skills like project management, change management and stakeholder management. He applies Lean Six Sigma to improve his process capabilities thru waste elimination and variation reduction.

Target Participants

This program is suitable to professionals who want to further his knowledge, skills and abilities on the utilization of Lean Six Sigma methodologies, tools and techniques covering problem definition, problem analysis, root cause analysis, improvements generation and monitoring.

Course Language

Taglish (Tagalog and English)

How to Get Certified

Each candidate will be certified by completing + e-learning, submitting the practice case study, successfully passing the exam and implementing an actual Lean Six Sigma Green Belt level project. This certification automatically includes a FREE Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification + Presenting With Impact + Top 5 Skills to Make You #SignificantlyBetter upon completing its requirements.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge Outline

I. Overview: Six Sigma and the Organization

A. Six Sigma and Organizational Goals

1. Value of Six Sigma

2. Organizational goals and Six Sigma projects

3. Organizational drivers and metrics

B. Lean Principles in the Organization

1. Lean concepts

II. Define Phase

A. Project Identification

1. Project selection

2. Process elements

3. Benchmarking

4. Process inputs and outputs

5. Owners and stakeholders

B. Voice of the Customer (VOC)

1. Customer identification

2. Customer data

3. Customer requirements

C. Project Management Basics

1. Project charter

2. Project scope

3. Project metrics

4. Project planning tools

5. Project documentation

6. Project communication

7. Project risk analysis

8. Project closure

C. Team Dynamics and Performance

1. Team Roles and Responsibilities

III. Measure Phase

A. Process Analysis and Documentation

B. Root Cause Analysis

C. Probability and Statistics

1. Basic probability concepts

2. Central limit theorem

D. Statistical Distributions

E. Collecting and Summarizing Data

1. Types of data and measurement scales

2. Sampling and data collection methods

3. Descriptive statistics

4. Graphical methods

F. Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)

1. Accuracy vs Precision

2. Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R)

3. Attribute Agreement Analysis (AAA)

G. Process and Performance Capability

1. Process performance vs. process specifications

2. Process capability studies

3. Process capability (Cp, Cpk) and process performance (Pp, Ppk) indices

4. Short-term vs. long-term capability and sigma shift

IV. Analyze Phase

A. FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

B. Graphical Analysis

C. Hypothesis Testing

1. Basics – Inferential Statistics, Confidence Levels and Intervals & p values

2. Tests for means, variances, and proportions

3. Correlation and Regression

4. Response Optimization

V. Improve Phase

A. Design of Experiments (DOE)

1. Basic terms

2. DOE graphs and plots

B. Lean Tools

1. Waste elimination

2. Cycle-time reduction

VI. Control Phase

A. Statistical Process Control (SPC)

1. SPC Basics

2. Rational subgrouping

3. Control charts

B. Control Plan

C. Lean Tools for Process Control

Program Feedback 

“I like the collaboration of students by grouping us on case study. From strangers, we also became friends. Sharing of ideas and some things others don’t know. That for me is one of the best part of the program.” – Justine Roy Balinao

“Any LSS institution can teach you Lean Six Sigma, but if you want an evolved, relevant, and up-to-date with the trends in the industry go to Asklex! What I really like aside from the program is that you can feel the sincere mentorship and belongingness in a community – which can never be bought with any price. “ – Adrian Jose

Join our program and get these perks!

✅ Lifetime Access to our eLMS - ALPHA Digital (priceless)

✅ Lean Six Sigma Green Belt e-Learning (worth P40,000)

✅ FREE Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification (worth P8,000)

✅ Bonus Design Sprint e-Learning + e-Certificate (worth P10,000)

✅ Digital Project (practice case study in preparation for the actual project worth P5,000)

✅ Certification Practice Test (worth P2,000)

✅ Certification Examination (worth P5,000)

✅ Unlimited Project Coaching Hours (priceless)

✅ Green Belt Completion Certificate

✅ Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (after completing an actual project)

Avail the program for P14,990 instead of P70,000++ if you are part of the first 100 course takers!

Limited time offer only!

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