Introduction to Supply Chain Management

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Course Overview

English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced (1 hr and 2 mins)

About the Course

This course will teach you about Supply Chain Management and what are the things you need to consider in every phase. It will also tackle the problems that are possible to be encountered throughout the phases of supply chain management. You’ll learn some areas of improvement that are needed in Supply Chain Management.

Course Objective

  • To learn more about supply chain management
  • To know the reason why we should consider supply chain management
  • How to solve the problem in supply chain management

Course Outline

✓ Definition of Supply Chain?
✓ What are the stages of Supply Chain?

✓ Planning Stage

Reason to consider planning

Problems encountered in Planning Stage

✓ Factory/Production Stage

Reason to consider Factory/Production Stage

Problems encountered in Factory/Production Stage

✓ Warehouse Stage

Reason to consider Warehouse Stage

Problems encountered in Warehouse Stage

✓Difference of Logistics and Reverse Logistics.

Problems encountered in Logistics?

✓ How is Logistic during Pandemic?
✓ Areas of improvement that is needed in the field of Supply Chain

Target Participants

All interested individuals who want to learn more about Supply Chain Management.

Certificate Requirements


Mark Kevin Dollente

Engr. Mark Kevin C. Dollente, graduated as an Industrial Engineer at the FEU Institute of Technology and a Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt & Project Management Fundamental Certified. He works in the field of Supply Chain specifically in Warehouse & Logistics and Process improvement for 8 years. He is also a finance and marketing office of Transforming Advocates and Champions (TRAC Leadership) which conducts different seminars and events that helped different individual to hone their talent.

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48 Reviews on “Introduction to Supply Chain Management

  1. I have learned a lot in this course! It will be helpful for me since I am taking Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. This course is very informative. Thankyou!

  2. Thank you, Engr. Mark for the informative topic in understanding the Supply Chain and how it works and help to improve the every part of the Company’s overall processes and operations.
    And as overall reviews, hope a better audio delivery .

  3. This course is very useful for us future Industrial Engineers, i learned well and also gained knowledge about what really Supply Chain Management is and how it is very vital in a work process.