Introduction to Instructional Design

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Course Overview

English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced (25 mins)

About the Course

This is an introductory course that will give the participants an idea about Instruction Design and this course also provides the foundation for instructional development.

Course Objectives

  • To improve training experience by:

Driving Performance

Increasing Employee Engagement

Measuring Results

Course Outline

  • Introducing Instructional Design & WIFM
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Design Scope of Work & Sign-Off
  • Closed Loop Design Process & “Evaluation”
  • Operations Training Playbook & Templates

Target Participants

For anyone who wants to learn about the basics of Instruction Design.

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9 Reviews on “Introduction to Instructional Design

  1. Making teaching materials is called instructional design. This field explores how students learn and what resources and approaches will best assist them to reach academic goals. Thank you sir for this free opportunity!

  2. The course was very informative. It provides me new knowledge when it comes to instructional design that will be helpful for my future career.

  3. Instructional design determines the simplest and fastest way for learners to acquire the knowledge and training they require through meticulous planning. Thank you Mr. Atienza and Ask Lex PH!

  4. Learned a new thing that would be very helpful for my future career. Thankyou for this very informative training and also for this opportunity to learn for free.

  5. Very informative. I learned a great deal. Thank you so much for the opportunity to gather more knowledge on how to become an effective instructional designer.