How to Drive a Culture of Innovation

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In this course, Lu will share with us what is innovation and how to drive a culture of innovation especially during these times of pandemic.


Luciana Paulise

Luciana Paulise is a culture coach, speaker and writer, CEO of Biztorming Training & Consulting LLC. She is an MBA, Quality Engineer and Scrum Master, and is specialized in driving cultural change, employee engagement and innovation. As a coach, she has helped a wide range of companies, from small businesses to corporations to transform their culture to improve both customer and the employee experience. Luciana is also an accomplished book author and contributor for Forbes, ThriveGlobal and other international media outlets. Luciana is also ASQ West South-Central Regional Deputy Director, Vice president of the Innovation Technology & Aerospace Committee for the Argentina - Texas Chamber of commerce, and has served for various non-profits as chair and advisor. She is bilingual English-Spanish.

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36 Reviews on “How to Drive a Culture of Innovation

  1. As a student and a future Industrial Engineer, I really learned a lot from this that I can use on my career. I have learned that innovations should be build as a culture so that everyone can express their creative and innovative ideas. It should have a sensation of interpersonal trust and mutual respect so that innovation will freely come from anyone. The 7R’s also made me realized that innovation is a process achieve as a habit of the team. Thank you, Ask Lex PH Academy and Ma’am Luciana.

  2. I have learned a lot. The topic is very interesting and it would be helpful to students like me. Thank you so much for this Ask Lex Ph!

  3. The knowledge shared to us is really helpful and it’s really a mind-opener to keep ourselves innovate and innovate. Thank you!

  4. Another learnings from Ask Lex. I guess, I should practice the innovative thinking even in my small task in school. It will be a good training for me. Innovation should be a part of the mindset of everyone in organization for the continous success. Thanks!

  5. I learned a lot today ! This webinar is helpful for those who’s starting from nothing we gain knowledge that turns into wisdom when we apply these in real life . “How to drive a culture of Innovation” such a wonderful topic that we need today ! The 7R’s is meaningful on how we deals, and do process when it comes to innovation. Super Great! Thanks Ms Lu Paulise.♥️

  6. Informative. This session showed how innovation started with an idea made by anyone and achieved by everyone as a team.

    Thank you Ask Lex Ph and Ma’am Luciana Paulise!

  7. Interesting and Informative session, This promotes the culture for developing and sharing ideas of innovation in an organization.
    Thank you Asklex Ph and Ma’am Luciana Paulise.

  8. the topics are timely and talks about how innovations should be a practice we do like a nature to people. The speaker is great and encouraging everyone to be innovative because this would help not just the company but also you as an individual

  9. Thank you Ask Lex PH Academy for this informative session. I learned a lot from our excellent speaker. The topic is very interesting especially for me as a Industrial Engineering student.

  10. The culture of innovation helps us realize not to be stuck with one thing. Being consistent with things you’ll get used to it and it shows the impossible to be possible. I really appreciate how the speaker shared her experience and a view of innovative things. Thank you for this.

  11. I have learned so much about the importance of sharing ideas to promote innovation in the culture. Thank you Asklex and Ms. Luciana Paulise.

  12. This was a refreshing take on the topic. It was interesting and relevant. The talk highlighted the importance of innovation by promoting open participation and listening to each member’s ideas, which helps their organization grow and achieve better things.

  13. Very insightful and informative talk in regards with company innovation and culture. Truly inspiring and helpful in many fields, definitely. Thank you ALPHA for this! More power!

  14. It was a very informative webinar. It explained the importance of innovation in any organization without any hesitation. Thank you and more power Ask Lex!