Continuous Improvement Fundamentals Certified (CIFC)

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Date Published
March 03, 2024
Course Updated
June 15, 2024
Continuous Improvement

About the Certification

Continuous Improvement has been a vital aspect of every individual and organization. This covers a wide array of practices from Kaizen, Risk Management, Good Manufacturing Practices, Data Analysis, Lean Six Sigma and many more. CIFC designation can be accessed by completing a prescribed free e learning courses and taking the certification examination covering the facets from the e learning courses. This certification demonstrates that the holder has the basic command of understanding and applying basic Continuous Improvement tools and techniques to create value for the organization at large. This is part of ALPHA’s Learning Pathways Specialization.

A CIFC candidate must take the following FREE e-learning courses hosted here at ALPHA Digital.

  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt
  • Graphical Analysis Using Minitab
  • Collaborating With Employees in Improving Culture and Processes
  • Lean Product Development
  • How Lean Six Sigma Practitioners Think?
  • Foundation of Risk Management: A Primer
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Primer
  • Speak With POWER!
  • Time Management: Your Chill Pill for Time Stealers
  • Introduction to Project Management

You can only take the Certification Examination once you have completed taking the required e-learning courses.

The examination will cover 50 questions from all the courses and passing rate to get certified is 80% (40/50).

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4 Ratings
Cassandra Joni
5 months

The modules included for this certificate is rich in useful knowledge that I can use for my future endeavors.

Carla Andrea
4 months

Thank you for crafting this Continuous Improvement Fundamentals Course as this is really a big help for us in the field. It serves as a refresher as well before we really step into the big world and it makes us learn more how we can continuously help improve our working environment as well.

Bhea Nicole
about 2 months

I have gained many insights.

about 1 month

Great info

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