Continuous Improvement in the New Normal

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Felix Veroya

English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced ∙ 1 hour

Date Published
September 19, 2023
Course Updated
June 15, 2024
Continuous Improvement

About the Course

Continuous improvement, also known as continual improvement, is the process of continuously improving products, services, or processes through incremental and breakthrough improvements. These initiatives can aim for "incremental" improvement over time or "breakthrough" improvement all at once.

This course will teach you about Continuous Improvement and how to avoid pitfalls in the New Normal.

Course Objective

  • To discover the definition and purpose of Continuous Improvement
  • To understand the significance of continuous improvement
  • To learn how to avoid the pitfalls of doing Continuous Improvement in the new normal
  • To understand the purpose and benefit of Process management roles
  • To refresh different improvement methods
  • To gain a better understanding of the framework of improvement methods

Course Outline

  • Process of delivering improvement
  • Continuous Improvement Approaches
  • Kaizen
  • Process Management Roles
  • Improvement Methods
  • Combining Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile
  • How to avoid the Pitfalls of Continuous Improvement Initiative in the New Normal
  • Continuous Improvement Predictions moving forward

Target Participants

It is for all the interested individuals that want to know more about the overview of Continuous Improvement in the New Normal and its relevance.

Certificate Requirements

  • Completion of recorded webinar + quiz
  • Pass the 10 item multiple choice with 80% mark
  • Comment your feedback to the main page of the course

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4 Ratings
Angelica Mae
5 months

the lecture is really promising. It gives a lot of informative details.

Ayessa Ysabel
4 months

Great course

4 months

The discussion is very informative and discussed with clarity. As change is the only constant in this world, this topic is relevant and helpful.

3 months

Great help

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