Automation with MS Excel VBA

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Christian Ibañez, CLSSYB

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38 Reviews on “Automation with MS Excel VBA

  1. This is a great topic.
    Automation is good but the raw data should be also good.
    There will be problems if the raw file has an error.

    1. Thanks Gilbert!. That is why standardization should always comes first become automation.

    1. I agree. Because we all know that reporting is one of the things that we regularly do, no matter what you are level in the organization.

  2. A fun and challenging experienced, I gained knowledge about how to tinker with data using MS Excel. I highly advise this course to people who plan a career in Data Science this will helps you widen your gaze about data’s and start jotting notes on what the speaker(MR. Christian Ibañez) is trying to teach you. It will help you understand what he is trying to do in the Excel. All in all it was a great video, and I would like to thank ASK LEX PH ACADEMY to have this kind of courses being offer here is ASK LEX PH ACADEMY especially I would like to thank Mr. Christian Ibañez for sharing his tips and knowledge to us.

    1. Thanks Edmar. Programming is really challenging at first but when you become good at it, the sky is the limit. Please consider exploring VBA.

  3. Thank you for a great discussion regarding Automation. honestly I don’t have enough knowledge yet on MS Excel and this course helped me a lot upon fulfilling the knowledges that I need for Data Science. More power ASK LEX PH Academy!

    1. I hope this brings value to you in terms of the programming skills necessary for Advanced Excel. Thanks

  4. Hi! Thank you for the talk, it was very helpful and im sure the tips and skill i learn thru this seminar will be used in my future work in the industry 🙂 super thank you and Godbless!

  5. I’ve already earned basic VBA in high school but this time, I leaned the concept of Automation with MS Excel VBA and its raw data that may help me in my future career.

  6. This seminar is very knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to everyone. This will be a big help for us students now and in the near future.

    1. Thanks Hannah. Advanced Excel skills allow you to solve a lot of problems.

  7. Nice topic! VBA is a great tool for repetitive report regeneration that requires accuracy even in database using forms and sending automated reports via gmail.
    Thanks for sharing your previous projects and some online resources! In our department we used it in a PR/PO Monitoring and in inventory reports.

  8. Nice overview about automation with MS Excel VBA. Thank you for this free webinar and interesting topic. It will be a big help in the future. I’ll definitely apply this to give me a good visualisation in my report because of its accuracy and quality. Thank you so much.