Time Management: Your Chill Pill for Time Stealers

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English, Filipino ∙ Self-paced (56 min)

About the Course

Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities. Knowing if all the activities completed are beneficial and if time is being spent efficiently is time management. This course will educate you how to be more productive and effective by teaching you how to identify and eliminate time stealers.

Course Objective

  • To understand how to effectively manage your time and deal with various time stealers.

Course Outline

  • Time Management: DEFINED
  • DEALING with these Time Stealers

Target Participants

All interested individuals who want to enhance their time management skills.

Certificate Requirements

  • Completion of recorded webinar + quiz
  • Pass the 10 item multiple choice with 80% mark
  • Comment your feedback to the main page of the course 


Kaycelyn Valenzuela

10+ yrs CI experience with Electronics / Semiconductors / Services - Telecom / Operational - BPO / IT solutions companies... - Certified Training Professional (ADDIE Technology - ARTDO International, ITDWorld) - Certified Knowledge Management Practitioner (PMAP-CCFLI) - Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certified (MI-PJL Japan) 2+ yrs Digital Transformation (DT) Architect through Agile and as a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Process Expert, and IT Manager, work-based at BGC. (process analysis and recommendations for optimization, resource productivity, cost efficiency and potential Automation) $12M Organizational gains from Hard and Soft savings (Process Optimization, Resource Maximization, Standardization, Automation & Digitization) 200+ Six Sigma / Lean Six Sigma - DMAIC, DMADV, DMAIC-SS, DFACE, Makigami (Contributor 8, Project Lead / Created 12, Advised / Consulted 200+) 20K+ Middle / Top Management, Industry Practitioners and Students educated / trained (CI, 5S and Lean / IE Disciplines, PDCA, Agile, Project Management, Statistical Process Control, Solutions Core Tools, Poka Yoke / Mistake Proofing) 10K+ hrs Deployed spearheading workshops and training / learning sessions (expand capacity, increase capability, cultivate a culture of Continuous improvement in the organizations) Drives mistake-proofing initiatives in the Operations to help the organization achieve Zero-defect Quality and resolve sporadic or chronic issues. Assist Top Management in defining their Strategic and Tactical goals and objectives for the direction of the organization.

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72 Reviews on “Time Management: Your Chill Pill for Time Stealers

  1. the tips are very easy to put in action and are applicable in real life situations, it also answers my problems in making time management specially in my workplace, and putting my mobile phones once I started my work. Thank you for this very knowledgeable webinar.

    1. Thank you joyce.busque, I’m looking forward to seeing you put this into action, keep us posted here @ ALPHA 😉

  2. This is definitely a helpful course especially for those who have so many things to do for a day. The tips will help in order for an individual to be productive and to make sure no time will be wasted in doing tasks or activities.

  3. Effective time management helps to attain greater outcomes in less time, which offers you more time freedom, improves your attention, enables you to be much more efficient, reduces your frustration, and permits you to invest more time with the people who mean most to you. Thank you for this Ms.Valenzuela and Ask Lex PH!

  4. Time management plans and controls time spent on certain activities to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and production. Managing time successfully allows people to spend or manage their time as they see fit. Thank you Ma’am for this free webinar!!!

  5. It is a very useful course as it can help increase my productivity and efficiency. Thus, this course would be a big help for me to relieve stress and would impose self-discipline.

  6. I’ve learned a lot through this course as it allows us to be more efficient by being able to control how will I spend my time. Through this course, it gave me insights on how will I deal with such distractions.

  7. Through this course, it helps me to be efficient when it comes to managing my time. It gave me insights on how I will deal with distractions and suchs.

  8. I learned a lot of techniques on how to handle my time and know what are my priorities in doing my tasks. It also help me to manage every things that makes my work easier and faster.

  9. It was very clear and easy to understand. Thank you for this very informative course! I have definitely learned a lot and will try to apply this in the everyday scenarios.

  10. Course is very helpful and topics are organized. It was well-explained from the subject definition (Time Management), the issues (Time Stealers) and how to resolve it (Dealing with it, tips/tricks), including technology must-haves. Learned a lot from it. Thank you!

  11. The topic is helpful for individuals like me who would like to effectively practice time management. Through this, I was able to identify various time stealers which usually delay my progress while working. Thank you!

  12. This course intends to investigate various time management planning techniques. For the use of my time, this will entail establishing specific objectives and assisting in the breakdown of those objectives into manageable steps. It will be easier for me to balance my academic and personal lives if I can evaluate progress and develop my ability to set priorities. Indeed the course is beneficial since it can help me become more productive and efficient. Thank you for this opportunity, Engr. Kaycelyn C. Valenzuela and Ask Lex PH Academy!

  13. This Time Management course is a great course to learn and understand the common activities that consumed our time on a daily basis. Also, through this course, I learned how to identify them and reduce and eliminate them effectively.

  14. Thank you Engr. KCV and Ask Lex PH Academy to this very informative course. It will be very helpful especially to us students who are struggling when it comes to time management.

  15. This course is very informative. I gain knowledge on how to deal with time stealers that I can practice to help me improve my productivity to achieve my goal.

  16. Thank you for this course Ma’am Valenzuela and Ask Lex PH Academy. It is very informative and I learned a lot of different things on how Im going to manage my time as a student. it will helps me to prioritize the most important one, and eliminate task or set of activities that affect my productivity. Again, Thank you very much!

  17. A timely topic. We’ve all been guilty on these time stealers at some point. This course teaches how to deal with each one. Even a little goes a long way.

  18. Thank you for giving a detailed discussion on how to have good time management. And it is indeed true that we don’t need more time but we just need to decide on what or where we will spend our time with.

  19. It was a very informative and insightful session about time management. I like how Ma’am KC covers all of the topics by sharing her experiences, tips, and tricks on how to manage time effectively and efficiently. Also, I like how she explains the topics in a simple and easy-to-understand manner and provides a very relatable sample situation. Thank you for this opportunity to learn and discover new things about time management. This would really help me in my future endeavors as an industrial engineer.

  20. This course is full of insights that are very timely nowadays. All the learning I picked up from the lessons imparted would surely help me to use my time efficiently and effectively. Thank you so much for this!

  21. Thank you for this Engr. Kaycelyn C. Valenzuela and Ask Lex PH! As a student and as a person that’s easily distracted the tips I’ve learned will be very helpful to me.

  22. Time Management is really a complicated task to do. It requires strong discipline ad commitment for it to be effective. Thank you for sharing tips on how we can effectively manage our time.

  23. After finishing this course, I would say that I need lots of fixing to do with my decisions in managing my time. I have learned a lot from Engr. KC. She has indeed managed to label all the time stealers happening in our lives and provided excellent tips on how we can undo the same mistakes we’ve committed. Hopefully, I could follow all of her advice and apply it as I enter my first corporate job and become a better and more productive individual.

  24. I’ve learned a lot of things in this course. It is very informative and very helpful for a student like me that is really struggling with managing my own schedule. I love the way it is very straightforward and very easy to understand. I will take note of this knowledge in my journey to becoming a great leader/manager in the future. Thank you, Engr. Kaycelyn C. Valenzuela and Ask Lex PH!

  25. great discussion. thank you po for sharing your insights on how to manage time and deal with time stealers to be more efficient at work and in other areas.

  26. Thank you for this course, this made me realize that I’ve been doing things the other way around. I’ll definitely apply my learnings here in my daily life.

  27. This course would be extremely beneficial to how I manage my time. Thank you very much, Engr. Kaycelyn for sharing your knowledge and some tips on how to manage our time effectively.

  28. Thank you, Engr. Valenzuela. I’m learning a lot from this course that will help me manage my time more effectively. After enjoying the discussion, I also learned a lot about the tips in reducing the time stealers .

  29. Thank you, Engr. Valenzuela. I’m learning a lot from this course that will help me manage my time more effectively. After enjoying the discussion, I also learned a lot about the tips in reducing the time stealers.

  30. I like how the discussion covers a lot of scenarios that we can actually relate to. The tips shared by Engr. will definitely be helpful especially at times when we have a lot of tasks at hand.