Earned Value Management and Analysis

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Date Published
June 01, 2023
Course Updated
July 18, 2023
Leadership & Management

About the Course

Project Management presents many tools and techniques for the management of the successful project. One of the most regarded of these tools would be Earned Value Management (EVM) and Analysis (EVA).

Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is a method that allows the project manager to measure the amount of work actually performed on a project beyond the basic review of cost and schedule reports. EVA provides a method that permits the project to be measured by progress achieved. The project manager is then able, using the progress measured, to forecast a project’s total cost and date of completion, based on trend analysis.

Course Objective

  • Provide an introduction to the basic concepts of Earned Value Management (EVM) including data analysis techniques and baseline revisions.
  • Inspire an appreciation for the earned value concept and emphasize how performance measurement techniques can be a valuable management tool.
  • Understand the significant role of Earned Value Management and Analysis on the overall project management.
  • Learn the formula and perform basic calculation of Earned Value Analysis.

Target Participants

It is for all the interested individuals that want to know more about the overview of Earned Value Management and Analysis and its relevance.

Certificate Requirements

  • Completion of recorded webinar + quiz
  • Pass the 10 item multiple choice with 80% mark
  • Comment your feedback to the main page of the course


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