Collaborating With Employees in Improving Culture and Processes

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In this course, John will share with us how to collaborate with employees especially in this New Normal that will help us improve our organizational culture and processes.

Get a copy of John’s book entitled The Façade of Excellence: Defining a New Normal of Leadership where this course is referred to.


Engr. Dyer is an Author, Speaker, Teacher and a Consultant in a Team based Continuous Process Improvement. John Dyer is currently the President of John & Dyer Associates, Inc. Process Innovation which has a goal in providing Operation Excellence services to global companies that range from Fortune 50 companies to privately held businesses. This has led to significant reductions in Lead Times and Quality Issues as well as improvements in Productivity and On Time Delivery. Services that they can provide include: Leadership Development Training and personal Coaching; Facilitation of Leadership Teams through the creation of a Strategic Vision; Lean/Six Sigma Assessment including an in-depth analysis of the Organization Structure (which have assisted several companies in the implementation of a Focus Factory and Process Innovation structure which resulted in significant increases in sustainability of the improvements). They also provide Training Classes in: Process Innovation (a hands-on overview of what Lean and Six Sigma are that can be understood by people from any function and level in the company); Facilitation and Root Cause Problem Solving using Teams; Project Management; Value Analysis and Value Engineering; Accelerated Change Management; Facilitate Kaizen events including Integration of Companies/Departments; Supply Chain Improvements; and Root Cause Corrective Actions as well as Lean and Six Sigma. Dyers had work on General Electric as a Process Engineering manager which he Led Process Improvement efforts in Top Mount and Side by Side Refrigeration in Major Appliances. He also worked on Ingersoll-Rand as a Process Innovation Leader for security and safety sector from year 1995-2000. In year 2000-2001, he has been the Vice-President of Operations for the Security and Safety sector of IR which he worked with a dozen plants world-wide to help drive improvements in cycle times, quality, and costs. And eventually as a Vice-President of IR Global Consulting from year 2001-2005 as an internal team focused on driving Operational Excellence and accelerated change worldwide. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University, an International Masters in Management (MBA) which includes a degree from the University of Rouen, France. Dyer is also skilled in line with Six Sigma, Process Improvement and Lean Manufacturing.

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16 Reviews on “Collaborating With Employees in Improving Culture and Processes

  1. Its like a re-echoing those terms I have encountered in my previous yellow six sigma course. But the new thing Ive experience is the way he share his knowledge and how he execute it to his own company. It motivates me that to be able to improve theres no fear involve. Also I think achieving goals with the team, is one of the greatest achievement I want to feel. Thank you for nurturing our knowledge.

  2. As a Industrial Engineering student, I feel very delighted to be part of this free online e-learning program. It motivates me more to pursue my dreams because I’ve learned that the distance between my vision and my dream is my action. The video and Mr. John made me realize that that by being a good leader is by a good communication skills not just the sustained improvements and Dr. Deming’s 14 points. Because the pathway to excellence is by applying the four (4) leadership styles with a very good communication skills and be a Good Leader and not just and excellent “Boss”. I would like to say thank you to ASK LEX PH ACADEMY and to sir John Dyer. Before I leave, if there is anyone reading this I would like to leave a parting quotes before I post this comment. I saw this in the Aquaman movie where it made me realize this applies to many companies out there, the quote says: “Well, what could be greater than a king?. A hero. A king fights for his nation. A hero fights for everyone.” This is very suitable between the difference of a Boss and a Leader.

  3. As an Industrial Engineering Student this is very informative and Helpful. On how important leadership and how it help in improving Processes. Thankyou Ask Lex Ph

  4. This is a very informative webinar. It’s true that we should not inject and permeate fear in workplaces for everyone in the organization is affected, even the success of the organization itself. Instead of being a dictator/authoritarian (boss), we should transition to being collaborative (leader). I have experienced this same problem in all the jobs I had before, and so if I become an administrator in the future I know how will I drive a healthy, positive, and enthusiastic team environment in my organization. Thank you so much!

  5. I’ve learned so much from this online course but what struck me the most is when he said that enthusiastic productivity can go along way. As a leader, it is vital to realize that we are not alone in a team and to achieve our vision and mission, we should work and share ideals together.

  6. A very informative course it is. I took it because I will be assigned in a department where they focus on improvement (kaizen), and turned out, it is really helpful, especially on collaborating with colleagues in reaching the organization’s goal.

  7. As an Industrial Engineer, the knowledge I gained in training was important. Every information on Collaborating with Employees to Improve Culture and Processes is well illustrated and understood. Thank you very much, po. Thank you, Ask Lex, for the free certification. God Bless Ask Lex Academy!!!

  8. I experienced being a leader and a team member. I totally agree that more than the skills and talents, character is far important in order to achieve the objectives of the team. People can be trained but a bad attitude cannot be easily changed. Thank you for this, Mr. Dyer and Ask Lex PH!