Analytics 101 for Businesses

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In this course, Felix will share with us:

> What is Data Analytics?
> What are the benefits of applying Data Analytics?
> What is the Information Value Chain?
> What are the types of Analytics?
> How Analytics can help businesses?


Felix Veroya, PIE, MBB, CSM, CHBA, DHum

Felix has a total of ten (10) years working experience in helping individuals and organizations to build and utilized competencies in Continuous Improvement, Innovation and Analytics across the fields of Academics, Logistics, Supply/Chain, Manufacturing, Training and Consulting for SMEs up to multinational corporations. He has proven skills relating to business administration, people management, research, statistical analysis, workshop facilitation and consulting. He was able to complete and coach projects utilizing proven tools and methodologies such as DMAIC (Six Sigma), SCORE (Lean), Design Thinking (Innovation) and self-initiated improvement frameworks on OEE/Capacity Improvement, Preventive Maintenance Time Reduction, Mistake Proofing, Quick Engineering Solutions, Idea Management, etc. He also published an international book entitled Introduction to Statistical Process Control: A Problem Solving Process Approach (ISBN: 978-87-403-1849-4) under Bookboon Ltd. Under a Denmark based e-book publisher and a local book entitled Creativity Tools: Develop Creative Solutions to Problems and Opportunities (ISBN: 978-621-8114-38-8). He is a Certified Industrial Engineer, an Associate ASEAN Engineer, a Certified Lean/Kaizen Facilitator, a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a Certified Design Sprint Master. Felix also leads international initiatives to the Philippines as Chairman of the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) and National President / Country Manager for Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME). He has been elected as a Board Director of the Lean (Operational Excellence) Division of the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE). With all the initiatives he designed and deployed to the Industrial Engineering community here in the Philippines, he has been conferred with an Honorary Doctoral Degree (Honoris Causa) by the Asian Seminary Leadership and University of Oklahoma.

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25 Reviews on “Analytics 101 for Businesses

  1. In this course, Speaker discussed how data analytic works in actual. How it helps the company in terms of their transportation, production etc. How they are going to make it better and having a high productivity. This discussion is very realistic. Thank You ASK LEX PH ACADEMY. God bless Everyone.

  2. I really learned the importance of data and how analyzing it can help many businesses and industries solve problems, as well as make sound decisions. Everything was explained clearly.

  3. Thank you for sharing a very uncomplicated talk about this topic. It was really insightful. It was also interesting to hear the application of data analytics in your own experience. More power!

  4. Thank Engr. Felix, I’m always a fan of you . Thank you for giving better understanding in Data analytics specially in Warehousing and Logistics application. These are the field that I want to pursue, and I am thankful for giving this free topic .

  5. Thank You Ask Lex PH Academy and Dr. Felix for this amazing course! I have learned a lot about the application of Data Analytics in business. All of the discussed information will be useful when I start working. I’ve been learning a lot of things about Data and how to properly use them.

    Thank You again and God Bless! 😀
    Stay Safe!

  6. It’s amazing how Dr. Felix easily explained an intimidating topic like Data Analytics. Everything runs on data, hence, studying this would be useful no matter what the field you are in.

  7. In this course, the topic was discussed clearly and in a very simple way, I easily understand what is analytics all about and it’s importance.

  8. very well explained. business decisions depend on data analytics a lot and I wanna acquire this skill, i am graduate engineer so I learnt a lot in a nice and clear way.