Viewing Assignments

Where to Find Them

  2. You’ll immediately land on the All Assignments screen, where you can see all uploaded assignments

A few things to keep in mind when viewing assignments.

  • By default, you’ll see a maximum of 20 assignments per page
  • Assignments are sorted in reverse chronological order (most recently uploaded assignment appears first, at the top)
  • Use the navigation arrows at the top & bottom of the table to locate the rest of your assignments (if you have more than 20)

Assignments Per Page

If you’d like to view more than 20 assignments at a time:

  • Click the Screen Options tab at the top of the page
  • In the “Number of items per page” box, enter your desired number of assignments
  • Click the Apply button

The higher the number you set, the longer it will take this admin page to load. In most cases, we don’t recommend you go much higher than 100 per page.

Filter Assignments

If you have hundreds or thousands of assignments, viewing all assignments on one page based on when they were uploaded might not be the most helpful. You can filter assignments based on the following criteria:

  • Date uploaded
  • Course uploaded to
  • Lesson uploaded to
  • Approval status

To filter assignments:

  1. Locate the filter bar near the top of the screen
  2. Click the dropdown menu for the criteria you want to filter by
  3. Choose a date, course, lesson or approval status
  4. Click the Filter button

You can use multiple filters at once. For example, you can filter by assignments uploaded in March 2019, to Course A, which are Not Approved.

Search Assignments

Another way to locate a specific assignment is to search for it.

  • You can only search the Title column, which is equal to the file name. You cannot search by author or user’s name.
  • If you plan to utilize the search feature while managing assignments, you might want to ask your users to name their file in a specific way so they are easier for you to find.

If you allow multiple file types to be uploaded, you can use the file extension to find all assignments of the same file type. For example:

  • Search pdf to find all PDF files
  • Search mp3 to find all mp3 audio files