Video Progression

Video progression is a way to require users to watch the entirety of a video before they can mark content as complete. It can be used for both lessons & topics, and works the same way for both. By default, the video will appear above your page content, but you can place it manually on the page using the [ld_video] shortcode.

This guide will walk you through the settings of video progression and explain how it works.

How to Enable It

  1. Navigate to a lesson or topic edit screen in the admin
  2. Video progression is found on the Settings tab, under Display & Content Options
  3. Toggle the switch to turn it on
  4. Configure your settings (which we’ll discuss below)

Supported Video Providers

The video progression feature supports the following video providers:

  • Vimeo (
  • YouTube ( or
  • VooPlayer (
  • Amazon S3
  • Publition (
  • Local videos (uploaded to the WordPress Media Library)

Video URL

Enter the URL of the video you’d like to use for video progression. The Video URL field accepts the following formats:

  • Video Watch URL
  • <iframe> embed code
  • or shortcode

Display Timing

This setting determines when your video will be shown to the user, and how to handle sub-steps associated with the lesson/topic.

  • Before completed sub-steps (default)
    The video will be shown immediately, and must be fully watched before the user can access any of the lesson/topic’s associated sub-steps (topics and/or quizzes).
  • After completing sub-steps
    The video will initially be hidden. It will become visible after the user has completed the lesson/topic’s associated sub-steps (topics and/or quizzes). The entire video must be watched in order to complete the lesson/topic.

The next 3 options only appear if you’ve chosen “After completing sub-steps.”

Lesson/Topic Auto-completion

Enabling this option will automatically mark the lesson/topic complete once the user has watched the entire video.

Completion Delay

This refers to the delay (in seconds) between when the video is finished and when the lesson/topic is marked complete.

  • Default is no delay (0 seconds)

Mark Complete Button

By default, the “Mark Complete” button will be hidden, but this setting allows you to display it.

  • Simply enable this setting to show the “Mark Complete” button


It is possible for the user’s default browser settings to override this feature.

Enable this setting to have the video automatically start playing on page load.

Video Controls Display

This feature is only available for YouTube & local videos.

By default, video controls are hidden from the user. Video controls include play, pause, volume, closed captions, and other settings found at the bottom of a video.

Enabling “Video Controls Display” will show all of these controls to the user, and allow them to have more control over the video.

Other Video Options

Because LearnDash is built on WordPress, there are other ways to display videos to your users. You don’t have to use video progression in order to use videos for your course. You won’t have all the same options as the video progression feature provides, but you can use any method you’d like, including:

  • embed any type of video anywhere within your lesson or topic page content
  • use H5P, Adobe Captivate or any other platform to create/embed video content