Sample (Free) Lessons

The LearnDash sample lesson feature makes it possible for people to view some of your course content without having to enroll into the course. When a user clicks on a sample lesson they can view that content without needing to log into an account, or having to enroll into the course. You can have an unlimited number of sample lessons for your course. You can have sample lessons for both free and paid courses.

Sample Lesson Settings

The only requirement for using the sample lesson feature is that your course Access Mode is set to anything but “Open”. Then, designating a lesson as a sample lesson requires configuring just one setting.

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > LESSONS
  2. Select the desired lesson and click Edit
  3. Click Settings
  4. Scroll down to Lesson Access Settings
  5. Toggle on the Sample Lesson option
  6. Click Update

The User Experience

When a visitor views the course content table, the sample lesson(s) will be indicated by a “Sample Lesson” label. When the lesson is clicked, visitors are immediately taken to the lesson content. It is not possible to mark a sample lesson as complete. To do so, a visitor will need to have an account and be enrolled into the course.

If a sample lesson includes topics and/or quizzes, then those too are marked as samples and can be viewed.


The following is a demonstration of a sample lesson. In it you can see that the first lesson is the sample lesson. The other lessons are not accessible and therefore provide a tooltip indicating that enrollment is required.


Can I mark a lesson as a sample but prevent access to the topics?
No. Topics associated with the lesson adopt the sample lesson parameter are visible as well.