Previewing Certificates

Before applying your certificate to a course or quiz, you’ll want to preview it so you can see how it looks. You can create a quick test quiz that is only used for previewing your certificate.

  1. Create your certificate, and make sure you Publish it
  2. Then, navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > QUIZZES
  3. Click Add New to create a new quiz
  4. Give the quiz a title
  5. On the Settings tab, next to Quiz Certificate, choose the certificate that you want to preview
  6. Add a single choice question to the quiz, with an obvious correct answer
  7. Publish the quiz
  8. Open the quiz in a new tab
  9. Choose the correct answer, and click Finish Quiz
  10. Click the Print Your Certificate button

Alternatively, you could create a test course with only one lesson. Then you’d mark that lesson complete, and you’d be able to view your certificate that way.

This will open your certificate in a new tab so you can preview it. Keep this tab open, and each time you make a change to your certificate in the backend, simply refresh this page and the updated version of your certificate will be loaded.

Don’t forget to delete this quiz (or course) when you’re finished testing your certificate.