Lesson vs. Topics

There are a lot of similarities between lessons & topics, but there are a few important distinctions. If you find yourself unsure about the difference between lessons vs. topics, let’s clear things up.

  • Lessons are listed above topics in the course hierarchy
    • You can have a course with only lessons, but you cannot have a course with only topics. Topics can only be added beneath lessons.
  • You can offer sample lessons, but not sample topics
  • You can only drip-feed & schedule lessons for a later date. There are no direct scheduling options for topics.
    • However, topics do inherit the schedule of their parent lesson. If a lesson is scheduled for January 1, 2020, all the associated topics will be released on January 1 as well.

Sections are very different from lessons & topics. To learn more, see our article explaining course sections.

Here’s a visual overview of lessons & topics compared.

Add Content
Text, images, video, links, PDFs, slides & more
Video Progression
Add Materials
Upload Assignments
Force Minimum Required Time
Sample Content
Schedule for Future Access
Topics inherit the parent lesson’s schedule