Learndash Reporting

As users go through course content and mark items complete, LearnDash is recording this information on their WordPress profile. The course progress and quiz performance can be viewed directly on a specific user’s profile, or the information can be exported.

Standard Reports

  1. Course Data: Displays all user’s course progress, what lesson they are currently on, and if the course has been marked complete. This report can be exported from the REPORTS menu.
  2. Quiz Data: Displays all user’s quiz scores, when the quiz was taken, and if the quiz was successfully passed. This report can be exported from the REPORTS menu.

Quiz Statistics

In addition to these two reports, you can also view quiz statistics right within the WordPress admin area.

  1. Navigate to the quiz you’d like to view statistics for
  2. Click the Actions dropdown menu in the top corner
  3. Click Statistics

This will allow you to view individual answer statistics.

The Quiz Statistics option must be turned ON in order for data to be gathered.

In “Administrative and Data Handling Settings,” this setting must be toggled ON.

You can switch between the History and Overview buttons to see different reports, and use the options at the top to filter your reports.

Users with the assigned Group Leader role can also export Course Data and Quiz Data for their respective groups. This is accomplished on the Group Administration page when they are logged into their account.