This eBook covers the introduction to quality, an introduction of the seven (7) basic Statistical Process Control (SPC) Tools, the presentation of the Problem Solving Process (PSP) and how can be SPC Tools be used in lieu with the PSP. If the acquired knowledge from this eBook is applied, improvements can be achieved by an organization.

About the Author

Felix C. Veroya is a knowledge sharing advocate who believes that continuous learning and education is the key to a person’s success. He is from the Philippines and acquired his Degree in BS Industrial Engineering from Batangas State University, 2011. He garnered several awards from his college stint which includes being the 1st Cum Laude of the IE Program in its 17 years of existence, Academic Excellence Award for Industrial Engineering, Most Outstanding Alumnus, Top 8 on the Ten Outstanding Students Award of the University and one of the Most Outstanding Scholar of the Province.


  1. Introduction 
    1. Quality is the Responsibility of Everyone 
    2. Costs as a Function of Quality 
  2. The 7 Basic Statistical Process Control Tools 
    1. Histogram 
    2. Check Sheets 
    3. Pareto Chart 
    4. Cause and Effect Diagram 
    5. Flow Chart 
    6. Scatter Diagram 
    7. Control Charts 
  3. Problem Solving Process 
    1. What is Problem Solving? 
    2. Why Use Problem Solving? 
    3. What is the Preferred Approach? 
    4. What is the Problem-Solving Process? 
    5. What is the Relation of PDCA to Problem Solving Process? 
    6. When and What Tools to be Used? 

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