Create and Link Product to a Course

In creating paid courses, you need to setup the following:

  1. Create a course
  2. Create a product
  3. Link a product to a course

Creating a Course

To create a course, you can follow the instructions here.

Creating a Product

  1. Go to “PRODUCTS”.
  2. Click “Add New” button.
  3. Enter product title and prices.

3. Choose “Learndash Courses” that you want to integrate with the product. Users who purchased the product will automatically gain access to the courses you selected in “Learndash Courses” field. This is the first step in linking product to a course.

4. Finally, click “Publish” button.

Linking Product to a Course

1. After course and product creation, you have to change the Access Settings of the course. Change the setting to “Closed” and enter the price and button url. The button url should be formatted like this:<PRODUCT_ID>

Change the <PRODUCT_ID> to the actual product’s ID. For details on how to get the product ID, follow this instructions.