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Continuous Improvement has been a vital aspect of every individual and organization. This covers a wide array of practices from Kaizen, Risk Management, Good Manufacturing Practices, Data Analysis, Lean Six Sigma and many more. CICF designation can be accessed by completing a prescribed free e learning courses and taking the certification examination covering the facets from the e learning courses. This certification demonstrates that the holder has the basic command of understanding and applying basic Continuous Improvement tools and techniques to create value for the organization at large. This is part of ALPHA’s Learning Pathways Specialization.

A CICF candidate must take the following FREE e-learning courses hosted here at ALPHA Digital.

  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt
  • Graphical Analysis Using Minitab
  • Collaborating With Employees in Improving Culture and Processes
  • Lean Product Development
  • How Lean Six Sigma Practitioners Think?
  • Foundation of Risk Management: A Primer
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Primer
  • Speak With POWER!
  • Time Management: Your Chill Pill for Time Stealers
  • Introduction to Project Management

You can only take the Certification Examination once you have completed taking the required e-learning courses.

The examination will cover 50 questions from all the courses and passing rate to get certified is 80% (40/50).


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118 Reviews on “Continuous Improvement Fundamentals Certified (CIFC)

  1. This course is detailed and informative. Thank you Ask lex ph for giving us a chance to listen to and learn from these webinars. This course is highly recommended for those who are interested in this field.

  2. It was a very informative and insightful program about continuous improvement fundamentals. I appreciated how each speaker/mentor discussed the courses by sharing their own work experiences and expertise in their respective fields of study. Also, I like how they explain the topics in a simple and easy-to-understand manner and provide a very relatable sample situation. Thank you for this opportunity to learn and discover new things about continuous improvement. This would really help me in my future endeavors as an industrial engineer. Thank you once more, Sir Felix, Sir Jow, and all the Ask Lex Academy mentors and staff, for this opportunity to learn new things, be productive, and be #significantlybetter. Furthermore, I would like to commend this certification program because it teaches not only technical skills but also soft skills that we really need to be more efficient and effective practitioners or professionals.

  3. Thank you Ask Lex PH for giving me an opportunity to certified in fundamentals of Continuous Improvement and it helps to build my specialization that will help me in the future

  4. Thank you Ask Lex PH for giving me an opportunity to certified in fundamentals of Continuous Improvement and it helps to build my specialization

  5. The speakers are proficient. The course is very informative. Each topic could really help the learners to appreciate the importance of continuous improvement for personal and professional growth and development.

  6. Thank you Ask Lex for expanding my knowledge from the different free courses you’d provided. These fruitful informations will definitely help us in many ways.

  7. Very thankful that I was able to take this course for free. It was the best way to have the fundamentals of continuous improvement. Can’t wait to apply it in real life. Again, thank you for this course!

  8. Very organized and thorough. The program and the speaker is great and very commendable since the exchange of ideas flow smoothly and approach used shows the nature and complexity of the course but the lessons are lively and explanations are made to be easy to understand before getting to the complex part. The program is really worth it.

  9. I am very thankful in Ask Lex Ph Academy for giving us the opportunity to be trained and to learn as well. This platform is very convenient; I highly recommend this.

  10. I am truly grateful to Ask Lex Ph Academy for giving me an opportunity to take this course. I gained a lot of valuable knowledge that I am now practicing in my professional career as a continuous improvement practitioner. If you are in a continuous improvement field, taking this course is a must!

  11. People who want to understand more about Lean Six Sigma should attend this seminar. The talk will include approaches, tools, and strategies that will be useful to anyone interested in Lean Six Sigma and Project Management. The methods taught in this certification are not only beneficial to the business, but they can also be employed in a variety of activities.

  12. The session about the Kaizen Fundamentals is good because the mentor is very approachable and informative to his mentees. The topic helps us to clearly understand what Kaizen is all about. So far, topics are distinct in nature and beneficial for us listeners because it can help us in what roles are we gonna take when we go in any industry.

  13. As a future Industrial Engineer one of our task will be improving processes. This free certification course provided a great overview on what aspects should we look at in terms of improvement. Thank you Ask Lex for this free certification, as we continue towards becoming #significantlybetter.

  14. This certification may be a long journey, but I’ve learned a lot. In particular, when it comes to the significance of Lean Six Sigma to the engineering industries and even in various industries to lessen the cost and to have an outstanding management process. This really improved my thinking when it comes to management aspect especially that it will be one of the core skills that is needed in my future profession. Thank you, Ask Lex PH Academy, and to all of the speakers that shared their knowledge in different lessons. I greatly value the work you have put in. Surely, this will help me significantly better. Always take care!