Making You #SignificantlyBetter with InvestED

How to avail an Invested loan?

1. Go to to sign up for this event.

2. Apply for an InvestEd loan through Don’t forget to completely sign up yourself in the ALPHA registration page.

3. In the InvestEd application form, under the question “For what do you intend to use the fund?” tick Others and input the code ALPHA-YBPM in the field.

4. Complete the remaining required information and click SUBMIT! InvestEd will get in touch with you to update you on your status of your loan application.

Note: If your application is not approved in time for your initial ALPHA program schedule, it can be applied for any succeeding ALPHA program run.
For this specific program, we encourage that applications be sent not later than October 9, 2022.

Let’s continue to be #significantlybetter, together with InvestEd!