by Rye Cruz

You might have heard of active listening before. It’s something we often get confused with passive, silent listening. Active listening, in fact, means taking part in the conversation and working on the rapport between you and who you are talking with.

Here are some 5 simple ways to help you increase your active listening skills.   

About the Author

Rye Cruz is an international learning consultant & coach to a multinational company covering Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Brunei & Philippines. He has garnered solid experience, academic background & proven track record in providing effective learning, organizational development, coaching and mentoring work in both capacity as an internal and external consultant. He is currently certified and affiliated with successful people development organizations such as Development Dimensions International, Gallup, International Coaching Federation, Achology, ABNLP, Belbin, MBTI and Toastmasters International. He is also an Amazon ebook author of “The Power of Teams”. You can visit his website at